Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Reading time at the Merrell's

Matt and I absolutely love to read, and I'm hoping to instill that in our kids. We read lots of books with Naomi and Gabriel. The stories hold Naomi's attention, and Gabe is riveted by the pictures. Occasionally I'll tell Naomi we are going to read a story with Gabe, and she says, "Gabe, sit by me!". So he sits by her (as pictured above) and we read a story! This picture specifically is from FHE...or from a day I was feeling remorseful about our lack of FHE's.

Here is a picture of Naomi looking rather like a duck. She's actually diving in to kiss Gabriel on the cheek.


Unknown said...

You're such a good mommy! I could tell just from the 45 minutes I spent with Naomi!

Jeff and Elise said...

They look so cute! Makes me not so nervous to have a 2nd one!!

Edward Jones said...

Val, your children are going to be superliterate geniuses! I predict at least one Nobel Prize.