Thursday, March 27, 2008

Expressing emotions

I LOVE that Naomi is talking in complete sentences now (occasionally, at least)'s a lot of fun! Most of her sentences tend to be something along the lines of:

"I need a______" (a few mornings ago, she grinned and said "I need a cookie!")
"I see a_______"

She also does a complete dialogue from Dora the Explorer concerning Swiper the Fox; my favorite part about this is that she plugs in appropriate comments from her current situation about where Swiper is hiding and what he is going to swipe. So if she's in the kitchen, he's probably hiding in the fridge or under the table, and he's probably going to swipe her food or milk or dishes, etc.

Naomi's also learned emotions! She knows about happy and sad. Yesterday in the car, I took away her sunglasses for one minute after giving her a couple warnings about not putting them in her mouth. She immediately started crying loudly, and then as if to emphasize the point, stopped crying long enough to say "I'M SAD. I'M SAD. I'M CRYING." It was a good thing she couldn't see my face; I buried my head for a minute and laughed as quietly as possible!

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April said...

Sometimes it is just too hard to hold back the laughter! It's so great that you are recording these funny memories.