Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Budding climber

As I watch Naomi become more mobile, it makes me laugh to see the similarities between how she is learning and how I learned to rock climb.  When she's pulling herself up from a sitting position, and also when she's in a standing position looking to move higher or sideways, she checks out the hand hold options by feeling around and testing them out, then trying a different one if her first choice doesn't work out.  She grunts with the extreme effort in dynamic moves.  She doesn't mind falling (although I haven't really conquered that one yet) - the kid is fearless!  She tried chimneying up something a few weeks ago.  She gets excited when she's been trying hard to get up and finally gets there!  She shifts her body weight around, experimenting with what will allow her to move more easily.

I put Naomi on some stairs yesterday, expecting her to move around a little and then get bored.  She surprised me by scaling them twice!  Halfway through the second time, she got wobbly legs (known as Elvis leg to climbers).  I gave her a short break.  When she got back on the stairs, she was ready to make the final ascent!  Of course, the cheerios at the top of the stairs might have helped...

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