Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yep, still pregnant!

For those interested in the details, Val is still pregnant. The original due date was August 14 (which you will note has come and gone). At the 10-week ultrasound, they pushed the due date to August 21 (which is not approaching fast enough). We are very ready to have this baby!

We do not know if it's a boy or girl.
Naomi is adamant it's a girl and Gabe is just as adamant that it's a boy.

At a doctor's appointment today, Val was told she is dilated to a three. She is hoping this baby makes an appearance ASAP. If you want to see a picture of the belly, check out the zoo post below.

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Angie said...

May I just say that referring us to a "zoo" post for pictures of Val's belly doesn't sound super flattering :) And what's with changing the due date so late in the pregnancy?! That's just cruel!