Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Naomi's first day of preschool!

Naomi started preschool last week, and she is loving it! Last year she went to an in-home preschool with a class size of 5 kids and just two days a week. Now she's in a larger class and goes three days a week.
We forgot to snap some pictures before heading out the door in the morning. So here's one of us entering the building!

Naomi immediately found her chair and started playing with playdough while I dashed outside to get the camera.

And this is when she let me pull her away from the playdough fun to pose by a wall.

Fuzzy pictures, but at least we got a little documentation on the big occasion!!

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Lyn said...

The kids look SO big! When did that happen? It makes me really, really want to see them again. I hope that baby hurries up and gets here for you! Love you guys!