Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monsoon Season (and miscellaneous)

July and August are supposed to be monsoon season here in Arizona. And doesn't seem to have come this year! We've gotten a few storms, but mostly they have petered out before they got to our area OR they completely jumped over us.

Here are Matt and the kids watching one of the few storms we HAVE gotten out the kids' bedroom window. There was some great lightning that night.

And onto the miscellaneous pics...

Naomi helping me mix colors into pudding to make frozen pudding pops...

Gabe and Eli scaling the bars at the zoo...this was an unexpected treat since the weather was quite a bit cooler than usual one morning, and so we visited the zoo with some friends! Unfortunately, Naomi got three fingers squished in a door and didn't calm down for awhile, so we made a hasty departure.

Gabriel showing one of his many bonks...this kid gets them ALL the time!

And I always love reading pictures!


Tevis and Katie said...

Cute pics! Looks like a fun summer. When are you due?

Angie Whitaker said...

Despite how pregnant you are, looks like you're still keeping your kids entertained well! Naomi's hair looks so long!