Saturday, July 24, 2010

Merrell update

Since I'm awake at 3:00 A.M. (and have been for awhile), why not post an update on our blog?

Overall family update: we're moving to ATLANTA!!! Matt will be doing his post-doc at Emory University, and we are very excited to move onto this next stage of life! We do not yet have a set date for when we'll be leaving Tucson, but it currently looks like it may be in October (definitely not sooner).

Gabe: his bed has been moved into Naomi's room, turning it into the "big kid room". This transition has actually gone fairly well! He tends to stay awake longer at night and sings pretty loudly, but Naomi apparently is skilled at ignoring him and she conks right out at bedtime.

Naomi: she's counting the days until school starts again, and hopefully dance, too! Our social child accosts pretty much everybody on the street, telling them her name, age, and usually at least one other random fact or story (and it's almost always something they will find completely uninteresting!).

Val: 37 weeks pregnant and getting lots of comments about summer pregnancy in AZ! Besides the comments, I did get a compliment the other day while exercising at the gym (they were impressed I was still exercising at this point in my pregnancy). Little did they know that besides having the benefit of feeling MUCH better after exercising, going to the gym also provides an air-conditioned indoor play activity for my children. :) That's a pretty good incentive around here!

Matt: working hard at the lab here at the University of Arizona. Playing soccer on Fridays, although the season just ended. Keeps busy with projects and tasks thrust on him by Val.

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Myra said...

Oh Atlanta is so great. My brother lives there, so maybe you'll run into them (although they live in the suburbs west of Atlanta). I hope you love it...especially being done with school, because we love that so much right now.