Saturday, July 10, 2010


We've been waiting for this event for awhile! (Well, I have...I didn't tell the kids until this morning that we would be meeting Clifford, the BIG RED DOG!!)

The kids got to color some Clifford-themed pictures before storytime, then we listened to some Clifford books being read.

After marching around the bookstore in a parade, we got red balloons and waited in line to meet that most fabulous of all big red dogs!!

Naomi was thrilled! I was thrilled! Gabe was happy to have a balloon. :)

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Ed & Connie's Blog said...

Now how cool is this! I also LOVE Clifford the Big Red Dog. And I'm thrilled that Gabe wore his special dump truck shirt that I got him, to see Clifford! LOL!~ Love, Mom