Sunday, July 18, 2010

Face painting and the rain!

With the heat, we needed some distraction. SO...we dug out the face painting crayons we had recently purchased and gave them a try!

And then we lucked out and got some rain!

While Naomi and Gabe sang and danced with umbrellas,
Matt grilled us up some yummy dinner. Hamburgers, bratwursts, and pineapple. (The kids, having a less developed sense of taste, preferred microwaved hot dogs.)

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terrah said...

Yeah, we tried to give Violet a roasted over the fire hot dog a few weeks ago, and she wouldn't eat it-- she kept pointing to the charred spots and saying she didn't want to eat fire. Oh well, at least we weren't camping and we were at a beach house and could microwave a new one!

Those face painting crayons look cool!