Friday, May 14, 2010

Mommy Q&A

One of Matt's friends has a little girl, Cora, who filled out this Q&A at preschool. They put it on their blog and I loved it! I asked Naomi the same questions and the words in blue are her answers!

My Mom

My mom is 20 years old.
My mom is (hands held about a foot apart) this tall.
My mom's favorite food is corn on the cob. (Not true - just Naomi's favorite part of last night's dinner.)
My mom loves to play princesses with me.
My mom waits and plays games and reads books with Gabe while I'm at school.
My mom's favorite thing to wear is a dress.
I love my mom because Heavenly Father sent me to her.


Sare said...

That is so cute! I might have to copy that. I am curious to know Asher's answers (most likely, he'd say "I don't know" I will make JD ask him the questions)

Edward Jones said...

Apparently she thinks you were a teenage mother. :-) In fact, any age seems to young for my baby sister to be having babies, but you weren't THAT young!