Saturday, May 01, 2010

Gabe's new tie AND a belly picture!

Since we go to church every week, I wanted some ties for our little man. I found a tutorial on how to make ties for little boys from rejected adult ties (and we had a few of those around here!).

So here is my first effort at making Gabriel a tie. I love it!
And, surprisingly enough, he seemed to like it as well.

And here's a belly picture. I made the mistake of asking Matt to take a belly picture.
The first take had Gabe lifting up his shirt to show off his Buddha belly.
And the second take had Naomi lifting up HER shirt to show off her belly!

(No worries, I never lifted up my shirt to show you my actual belly!)

As a matter of interest, I just hit 24 weeks. At 22 1/2 weeks, we had a scare when I started bleeding. Since I have placenta previa (the placenta is completely covering the cervix), this was of major concern and I spent Thursday through Saturday in the hospital for monitored bedrest. Since then, I haven't been on bedrest at home but have had some restrictions given to me by the doctor. Luckily, there has been no recurrence of bleeding - whew!


Angie Whitaker said...

The tie looks FABULOUS! And of course you do too. What cuts pictures!

Bethany said...

What a cute belly!! Naomi's is cute too.