Sunday, August 02, 2009

Just a few more tri pics

Mom has gently reminded me a few times that she would love more blog posts. (I, in an equally gentle manner, reminded her that my time had been spent taking care of her grandchildren instead of neglecting them while blogging about them.) So, while I haven't uploaded any recent pictures, here are a few more pictures from the triathlon in May. Just for you, Mom!

This first one might be my absolute favorite picture taken that day...Gabe grinning at me while he gives me a high five!

This one is worth clicking on and enlarging,
so as to better see the grin on our sweet chunk-o's face!


Edward Jones said...

Who is that zexy uncle, I ask you. Who!?!

Ed and Connie said...

Thank you Very Much for the new and cool pictures! We really should be thanking YOU for the opportunity to share time together once again, Valerie. Lots of fun times. Love You All, Mom & Dad

Sare said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the squishy face pictures. Blogging regularly is really hard. I usually start and save and more and save and finish while my kids are happy or when they sleep. It looks like you have a ton of fun with your family!