Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Matt and I hit 6 years on July 10th. Happy Anniversary, babe!

We had a fun afternoon planned and a baby-sitter scheduled for our anniversary celebration on the 10th. A few minutes before the kids and I were going to head off for a morning adventure, we were brushing our teeth. At least, I was brushing my teeth. Gabe was rummaging through my bathroom cabinets, and he emerged with a bottle of bright red nail polish.

Gabe likes to throw things. To be more specific, he likes to throw everything. So before I could get to the nail polish bottle, he had hurled it onto the tile floor, where it shattered and splashed back into his face. I looked from the floor up at my son, who had red stuff dripping from his face, accompanied by blood-curdling screams. I thought it was blood, but luckily it turned out to be just the nail polish. WHEW!

Ever tried to get nail polish off a screaming writhing toddler? I don't recommend it. :) Luckily it didn't affect his eye at all. Once I got him calmed down, he was actually pretty happy and willing to let me take pictures. The pediatrician's office referred me to Poison Control, and Poison Control said to let it flake off over a few days. Unfortunately, I called them after I had scrubbed at his skin for a bit with nail polish remover. Whoops. The Poison Control rep said it wouldn't hurt him, but it might make his skin dry in patches.

Below is a post-cleaning picture. He had a bath and actually had fun in the tub except for the times I pinned him down and swiped at his face with q-tips or cotton swabs. Matt came home mid-bath and offered some much-needed moral support. Once we decided to take him out of the bath, Gabe fell asleep almost immediately in Matt's arms. It was an exhausting morning for him!

You can see there was still nail polish around his eye and on his forehead. We put him in bed and left for our date mid-nap. The baby-sitter didn't even raise her eyebrows when I explained that Gabe would look a little odd when she got him up from his nap - she's a gem! The nail polish was completely gone by the following morning.

And we now have cupboard latches on the cabinets so Gabe can't open them. :)


Jeff and Elise said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!! So glad he didn't suffer any long term side effects :)

Edward Jones said...

Happy anniversary!! Gabe has grown so much in the past three months!

Robin said...

I finally made it to your blog!! I'm so glad to see your cute family. Your little girl is so grown up.
And the nail polish story? Wow!!