Thursday, July 30, 2009

My children play together!

Occasionally, anway...and here's the proof! Gabe just loves doing whatever Naomi's doing. Unfortunately, that generally results in Naomi throwing her body over her toys whenever Gabe so much as glances her way. There are peaceful moments now and then when they play side by side. I look forward to many more such moments!


Angie said...

So cute! We need to get together again soon...we'll talk.

Edward Jones said...

Mr. Gabe is getting bigger. Look at all that hair!

Ed and Connie said...

I like both of their haircuts! And of course the fun kitchen that Grandpa Jones found for a pittance at a yard sale! It has seen much use in our home. The "best times" really are when our kids play well together, as I still remember!~ XOXO