Wednesday, July 22, 2009

California - June 2009!

Matt sealed his elevation to sainthood when he agreed to hang out with our two kids (one who was still being potty-trained) in Utah. To clarify, that is away from their home. And their routines. And their toys. And all the usual bribery tools. What a man!
He did this so I could accompany my mom and sister on their annual trip to Redding, CA to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Schlueter. It was an amazing visit! Here are some highlights:
  • Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Raymond each stopped by on a different day for a brief visit.
  • We took a trip to Whiskeytown Lake, but only Mom got in for a dip before the lifeguards closed down the beach due to an incoming rainstorm.
  • We stopped by the Veterans of Foreign Wars post where Grandpa is the president. He has put in lots of effort shaping things up, and it was great to see him in that setting!
We just had a terrific time, visiting, walking, laughing.
Thanks for letting us invade your house, Grandma and Grandpa.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Me, Grandma, Grandpa, Julie, Gert (the dog!)

Uncle Jimmy & Mom

Julie, Uncle Raymond, Mom, me


Sare said...

Hey! I'm your cousin JD's wife, Sarah. He said of course he remembers you! (how could anyone forget a cousin?). Thanks for reading our blog. I am glad you found us because now we can read yours too...whoohoo! I just read through your last year in like 5 minutes. Triathalons?! Wow. I have a lot of respect for runners (and swimmers, and cyclists).
Have fun reading our blog, and I'll read yours too...and comments. I don't know how to tell your mom because she doesn't have a blog, but tell her thanks too. I've never met anyone from Jeff's side of the family, so this was nice.

Angie said...

Val, your hair is gorgeous! I love the bangs on you!

Edward Jones said...

I like your black & white outfit. Snazzy!

Edward Jones said...

And the hair. I'm feeling the hair.