Friday, February 13, 2015

What I Do on Fridays

While following friends on social media sites, I've noticed that I enjoy seeing pictures of their children, but I LOVE seeing pictures of my friends themselves! The logical conclusion is that others feel the same way, so I should be posting pictures of all members of our family. So here's one of me.

In a typical week, Monday through Thursday finds me impressively productive. I do all the normal housework chores and also plan and prepare extensively for the music studio I run. There is absolutely no moment to be wasted. I teach general music classes and private/duo music lessons Monday - Thursday. Since that is my profession, I feel strongly about looking professional and having a professional environment (read: nicely dressed, hair done, clean house). I also expect a high standard of teaching from myself, so the preparation requires much organization, planning, and research.

always have a list of items that it would be helpful (but not imperative) to accomplish on Friday. Yet...Friday invariably sees me reading, wearing pajamas, not rushing about at the usual pace, really not doing much at all. Here is a picture of me this morning, sitting at my new digital piano (post to come about that tomorrow!). It's 2:00. I DID manage to brush my teeth and comb my hair for this picture.

Anyway, I figure there's always another day to worry about ....stuff. Today is a good day for playing through Chopin's Nocturnes!

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