Friday, July 08, 2011

Mega Trip, Part I

We took a rather long and geographically extensive trip during June/ We had a blast!

On May 31, I flew with the three children from Atlanta, GA to SLC, UT. 


On Delta.


Aside from problems the airline gave us, I get quite motion sick. I think the low point of the flight was when I had to start borrowing vomit bags from passengers across the aisle because I had used all of ours. Try that with a wiggly 9 month old in your lap! I was more than relieved to arrive in SLC and pass the children off to my parents.

After that, we had a great time! Here are some pictures from Segment 1: Monroe, Utah.

Jeff's birthday celebration (one of their cousins)

We always get in some reading time with Grandma and Grandpa Jones

It has quite literally been YEARS since I've seen Paul, Taunya, Jeff and Carter, so it was fabulous to get some one-on-one time with them in Monroe!

Naomi spent the vast majority of the time with the goats. When she wasn't actually in the goat pen, she was begging to be allowed to go out to the goat pen. She sang to them, chased them, danced around them, and chased them some more.

No trip to Monroe is complete without a tractor ride. Check out Dad's eye on this - he had recently undergone emergency surgery for a detached retina, but he had to bale hay. So they rigged a huge bandage for his eye. It looked awesome. We should have taken more pictures!

Dirk's family came over for dinner one night - lots of fun!

Andrew got in on the grandparent action...

Stay tuned for more!

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Sare said...

Your parents are so awesome. I loved visiting them and we hope we can do it again in the years to come (who knows when we will have another trip, but your parents' house is definitely on our list of places we've loved visiting).