Friday, April 09, 2010

Stuntman Gabe

This morning, Gabe was a bit screechy. After awhile of trying to gently redirect his behavior, I put him in time out in his crib. A few minutes later, I heard a crash and some crying. I assumed he had thrown his books against the wall and was crying to get out. I took my time getting in there, and THIS is what his bed looked like.

Yeah, that's blood.
And he was standing over it with blood covering the lower third of his face.

The blood had also dripped off the crib slats and was covering a bigger-than-my-hand spot on the carpet below.

I took him to the kitchen where I crushed some ice and put it in a cup. Once he saw me getting out the ice, he calmed right down. Hopefully he doesn't do these things to get crushed ice!!! I am happy to provide it at times he's not injured, too!

Here he is munching on crushed ice, happy as a clam. I slowly wiped him up and then left the kids to enjoy their ice while I tackled cleaning the room.

The cleanup wipes and Gabe's pajama. I should have included my shirt, too. It required a fair bit of attention to make sure it didn't stain, too.

I think he cut or bit his tongue somehow, since I can see a cut up pretty high on his tongue. I have NO IDEA how he did it, though.

Naomi never did this. Gabe has a split lip, bloody mouth, or nasty skinned knee weekly. Hopefully he masters the moves he's working on and can market them later on as a stuntman. Then at least all this blood and craziness will be building up to something productive!


Jeff and Elise said...

Poor little guy and poor momma! That's what happened when Chad got his big goose-egg. Since Sadie's always making him cry, I didn't pay attention right away, then when I saw the huge bump on his head I felt like the worst mom ever!

Isn't it crazy how boys and girls are different? chad is the same way, always some sort of bump or bruise on his head! Nature vs. nurture nothin' - they come to this world different!!!

Kim said...

Blood on the crib is definitely a sight to make a mommy's heart stop! Glad he is okay!

Sare said...

Our second child is our daredevil too. Silas has already gone to the ER twice for his stunts. (I don't know if it is clumsiness or just being a stuntman)