Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stuff about Me (Tagged!)

I got tagged awhile ago by JD's wife Sarah (JD is my cousin on my mom's side). I don't think I've ever followed up on being tagged prior to this, but here goes! Here are things about me in groups of 4.

4 shows I like to watch (well, we don't have any channels right now. But when we did, these were my shows):

1. Bones

2. Criminal Minds

3. So You Think You Can Dance (my favorite dance is the krumping, which Matt finds hilarious since I'm a little white girl from the sticks who has no rhythm!)

4. ....hmmmm, something from the History or National Geographic Channel

4 things I'm passionate about:

  1. Reading
  2. Fitness/exercise
  3. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. My husband and kids

4 phrases I say a lot:

  1. "So..."(with a pause...it drives me AND my husband nuts. It's like I am establishing that I need to say something, and then I have to collect my thoughts to express myself coherently. Argh.)
  2. "I love you!" I have great kids and a fabulous husband. What else am I supposed to say?
  3. "Look at that!" I have small children who love to see all kinds of things (or I need to distract them from other destructive behavior!).
  4. "What should we sing?" Refer to the points above where I note that I have small children. Also, note that the CD player in my car is broken. So we sing a lot.

4 things I have learned from the past:

  1. Be proactive...I spent a lot of time waiting on other people before I figured out I could make things happen myself!
  2. Listen more than I talk. Don't interrupt other people so much. My experiences are not always as cool or applicable as I may think!
  3. Don't always trust first impressions. Great friends can come from unexpected places!
  4. Excesses of good things are still excesses (like my occasional reading binge...sorry, babe!)

4 places I would like to go:

  1. Scuba diving almost anywhere! I had a brief taste of this in a training pool and loved it!
  2. New Zealand. Lush landscape, outdoor sports, and yes, LOTR sites.
  3. Havasupai
  4. Antarctica

4 things I did yesterday:

  1. Researched how to modify skirts for pregnancy
  2. Read books with the kids - always a favorite!
  3. Took the kids to a belated Easter egg hunt.
  4. Talked to my grandpa to wish him a happy birthday!

4 things I'm looking forward to:

  1. Baby coming in August!!
  2. Matt finishing his PhD and us moving beyond studenthood (probably also in August!)
  3. Taking classes again (I'm hoping Matt will eventually teach at a regular university so I can do this at a discounted price!)
  4. Living closer to family so I can see them much more often (although I have absolutely no idea if this will ever happen!)

4 things I love about winter:

  1. Snow!
  2. Christmas festivities
  3. Soups and bread bowls
  4. Hot chocolate

4 things on my wish list:

  1. Cricut...I have so many crafts I want to do which would be made MUCH simpler with this tool!
  2. Books. Some new ones I've recently read, but lots of classics and oldies which I don't have on my shelf.
  3. Right now...skirts I can alter to work for a pregnant chick. I am, after all, going to be hugely pregnant. In Tucson. In the summer.
  4. A new pan...my pan handle has been cracking for awhile and completely gave out today.


Tevis and Katie said...

I was wondering when baby #3 would be on the way. Congrats! Except for the whole summer part in Tuscon...that's going to stink!!! Let's talk about swollen ankles!! Drink LOTS of water

Jessica Baird said...

Congrats! That's super exciting. I'll keep my eyes open for some skirt alteration ideas. I found usually that if I got a stretchy material skirt I could wear it below the big belly line just fine and you can make a bella band (I cut the top off of a snug t-shirt and ta-da!) or buy one pretty easily to cover the bottom of your tummy for the final really big tummy stage.