Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a few more January pictures...

...then we'll move on to February excitement!

January was burn month for us. In fact, there was one specific week that was burn week! Naomi kicked things off by getting her first curling iron burn. She was standing on a stool, messing around while I combed her hair. The curling iron was heating up, and she's usually careful to avoid it. This time, she bumped it with her arm. :(

She spent the next hour on the couch with a damp washcloth on the burn, covered by a blanket, playing the fish game. While I was sad to see her in pain, I did occasionally laugh because the girl milked it for all she could!

I don't have pictures for the other two, but the next day, I got my own burns. While checking the contents of the crockpot, I dropped the meat and splashed the hot liquid on my face and arms. Luckily, the only place that actually burned was my hand. Phew! Naomi loves seeing injuries, and she was especially fascinated with my burned hand after just having received her own burn.

Later that day, Gabe wouldn't back away from the stove when I was boiling potatoes, and a drop of hot water splashed out and got him. I don't recall if he had an actual mark, but he sure howled! And then he stayed away from the pot. :)

Naomi continued to practice her photography skills. She would take pictures with our camera all day long if possible, so normally I hand her the camera and give her a 5-picture limit. This was an early picture, and despite being out of focus, she centered it pretty well. Who wants to see detail anyway?

Daddy and Naomi

Gabe doesn't seem to get as much attention on the blog, but he's part of everything we do! I sure would miss that kid if he wasn't around. He plays hard, he sleeps hard, and he usually wakes up happy and ready to play hard again!

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