Wednesday, March 17, 2010

January trip to Monroe

This post was due awhile ago! In January, I took the kids and flew into Las Vegas, where my parents picked us up and trucked us over to Monroe, UT, where I grew up. We spent a fun-filled week in the snow before heading back. And here are some great pictures taken along the way!

The kids wasted no time in recruiting Grandpa Jones to haul them around in the toboggan. Gabe, who didn't enjoy snow at Thanksgiving-time in Idaho, had lots of fun this time around!

A highlight of visiting the Jones' always includes checking out the cows.
Here Grandpa is trying to get a cow to stick out its tongue. Gabe was fascinated!

Check out's Gabe's expression in this picture! We pulled some kitchen appliances and furniture out and stripped the wallpaper off. Dad chopped off the bottom of this white cabinet to put it at a better height for their future kitchen makeover. And Gabe was ecstatic about "helping" Grandpa with the power tools!

Gabe doesn't discriminate when it comes to chores. He grabbed a broom and helped Grandma with the sweeping.

My sister Bethany and her girls came for the weekend. The kids enjoyed some Rice Krispie treats...I'm not sure why they are in their pajamas, though. We're much too intelligent to feed them sugar right before bedtime. Maybe it was breakfast time!

Naomi and I went low-effort with our snowman. We piled up big blocks of snow we found and added one on top for a pirate hat. So it's a pirate snowman!

And here's my beautiful mom!

Thanks for a great trip, Mom and Dad! Naomi constantly talks about the trip (STILL...and it's March!) and asks when we will see you again. Hopefully soon!

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Angie Whitaker said...

I like that story. =) How fun for Naomi and Gabe! How many kids will ever experience being pulled around in a sled through the snow by a GOAT!?