Saturday, January 09, 2016

Edward's Christmas Gift

Edward visited us for Christmas again. We love his Christmas visits! This year, I was especially excited because I had a gift for him which was years in the making! 

The kids helped him open it - it was the biggest box under the tree, so of course they wanted to be involved!!

More child involvement...Edward is a patient man.

Edward realizes what it is...

And he pulls out something he's literally been waiting 20+ years to own:

Sir Hiss, from the Robin Hood movie!

And one more of this picture, because it's not often I give a present that causes a reaction like this!

Edward has wanted a Sir Hiss doll since he was 10, or something like that. I've been watching eBay for years to find one in good condition for a good deal. And this was the year I found it! Next year will go downhill. I hear he's been hoping for an egg slicer...

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