Monday, June 25, 2012


Who can resist a picture of armor? Not Gabe, our 4 year old, so this one's for him! (As a random aside, we met some other BYU fans while waiting for one of the castle tours to start. It always takes me a minute to realize we are easily identifiable as such because Matt is usually sporting a BYU hat or shirt.)

Marienbrucke, or Queen Mary's Bridge. This bridge was a birthday present for her. !!!

I imagine I would find a bridge an acceptable birthday present.

A picture taken while we are standing on Marienbrucke. It was hard to navigate the bridge amidst all the umbrellas, due to the rain! Lots of rain and clouds, but still incredible!

A bakery and hotel that we saw on our way out of Fussen.


Allyson said...

That looks gorgeous! I might have to add Austria to my list of places to travel.

The Hoskissons said...

I have a picture in almost the exact same spot on Mary's Bridge! I will have to find it and show you. When we were there it was rainy too. Love seeing all of your photos.