Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Naomi Gets Her Ears Pierced!

Naomi will soon be six years old (this Friday! and believe me, the countdown has been going for quite some time!). She started asking a couple months ago to get her ears pierced, so we did that last week as an early birthday present. 

This picture was taken about 20 minutes afterward, enough time for the splotchiness from the hollering and crying to fade away. And the fuss wasn't about the pain! I went to a store after verifying there would be TWO people there, so both ears could get pierced at the same time. After filling out the paperwork (surprisingly extensive!), I realized the second employee had left. ARGH!

Naomi wanted to go ahead with it, but she changed her mind between the first ear and second. It took the bribery of suckers (FOUR! the ear piercer was really feeling the heat from me since she had let the other employee leave!) with one securely in her mouth, her beloved elephant clutched in her arms, and the distraction of playing Angry Birds on my phone to get that second ear pierced. But we walked out with two ears pierced, and she was absolutely thrilled. She still is!

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