Friday, January 28, 2011

Random pictures from the move

I was holding off doing the "Moving" post until I get a picture of our caravan. It was beastly and must be documented. As I don't have access to that picture yet, here are a few random photos.

A kid has to get creative when all the toys are packed.
Naomi used the boxes in her room to create a sleeping area.

All the furniture was packed...the kids were puzzled about where to sit when eating.

A brief stop as we trekked across Texas.
This was a dusty area next to a hotel parking lot.
The kids thought it was fabulous!

Andrew is grinning. I'm not sure WHY, since at this point he had been in a carseat for hours beyond hours. Maybe it's because I got to hold hands with him across most of New Mexico. :)

The other kids don't look to beaten down yet. (Yet being the key word.)

More to come!

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