Thursday, November 25, 2010

Personalities Apparent in Hot Dog Roasting?

Personality differences came through loud and clear when we were roasting hot dogs up Monrovian Canyon in October.

Gabe (with Grandpa Merrell), intense and focused with a scrunched face for the camera, probably with a huge smile and some jumping when ketchup was put on his plate...

Naomi (with Grandma Merrell), allowing someone else to do most of the work while she poses and gets a slight taste of the experience before she moves on. I would bet money she didn't finish roasting that hot dog!

Naomi is a princess through and through, condescending to allow others to serve her. I can't count the times I've asked her if she wants to finish a craft project, picking up some toys, etc. She'll look over at me, consider it for a moment, and say, "You can do it.", as if she's allowing me a great privilege.

We love them both!

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