Monday, May 18, 2009

Naomi Ballerina

After awhile of hoping and wishing for dance classes,
last Friday Naomi went to her
first dance class!

I was worried she would be a bit shy, but she joined right in. She was calling the other kids by name within 5 minutes, and she was so thrilled about the whole experience! The most difficult thing for her was understanding why she has to wait a whole week before she can go to another dance class!

Um...she might have been so excited that it was difficult for her to stay in line now and then. :)

In the car, holding tight to her dance shoes!

Naomi's in the pink leotard with the black skirt.

Getting ready to work on "pizza feet"


Ed and Connie said...

Oh, Oh, this means she is growing up if she is old enough for dance lessons! Maybe we'll be visiting there sometime when she has one.
Grandparents love that sort of thing!

Bethany said...

Little girls are super cute at dance class. Even if they aren't exactly the most skilled, or actually pay that much attention. Always good for giggles from the parents, and other family members.