Thursday, February 05, 2009

Squeaky chairs and leaves

A couple weeks ago, I discovered that the kitchen chair I was sitting in made a squeaking sound when I shifted my weight. Here's the conversation that ensued:
Val: Naomi, listen to this squeak!
Naomi: Wow! (She moves around in her chair.) My chair doesn't make that sound.
Val: We'll have to get Daddy to fix the chair.
Naomi: Yes, Daddy will fix my chair so it makes a squeak!
It's quite literally amazing to watch this little person who is filled with joy by picking up leaves, having a balloon, hearing a squeaky chair. Perhaps I should simplify my requirements for happiness!


Dan and Marci said...

Oh. . .the simple things of life. Glad we have little ones to help us stop and listen and see.

Angie said...

How cute! She says the darndest things! I love it!