Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Fun" winter pops

I found a recipe online for "fun winter pops" which kids can make. So I invited Sammy and Caleb over to join Naomi (they are sometimes our guinea pigs with projects!) in making these tasty treats.

Here's the procedure:
1. Put peanut butter or caramel between two vanilla wafers
2. If using caramel, stick the cookie sandwich in the microwave
3. Insert popsicle stick between cookies
4. Dip in melted white chocolate
5. Dip in sprinkles

Sounds fun for kids, right? Here's how each kid did:

Naomi stayed by the peanut butter jar and ate...and ate...and ate...

Caleb played with toys in Naomi's room until he was forced to pour sprinkles on one

Sammy danced around the kitchen, asking if we were done yet
so that I could teach her how to play the piano


The evening ended well with the kids marching around the house in a parade. (By the way, I wouldn't particularly recommend the recipe listed above. They didn't taste very good. )

1 comment:

Jeff and Elise McGee said...

I love your side note at the end that they weren't very good! Thanks for the heads up :)