Friday, August 15, 2008

Toddler Olympics

I am an assistant organizer for a moms group here in Tucson, and we have all kinds of fun! We have over 150 members, so the big events are pretty crazy. Last week, in honor of the 2008 Summer Olympic games, we put on our own Toddler Olympics!

I was in charge of the obstacle course. It was staged on a splash pad, and the kids hurdled pool noodles, dashed through tunnels of spraying water, and weaved around buckets. (The younger tots opted to wave the pool noodles around instead of jumping over them. That just meant the kids behind them had a different obstacle: getting through without being smacked with a pool noodle!) Above is a picture of Naomi and I leading off the obstacle course event.

Other events included races (airplane, backwards, hopping, etc.) and a ball toss. When the kids needed some down time, they painted hats (see Naomi below). And once they were all done with the events, they received a medal and an Otter Pop (see Taylor below).

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